A Year in Moons

A Year in Moons


Lovingly drawn (including typefaces!) Moon Calendar by Dana Lucas. Originally inspired by a page from the Camp Fire Girls, found in an old lodge basement in Oregon (story below!), you can now enjoy this masterpiece from the comfort of your own tent.

13x19"  |  a portion of the proceeds will go to Earthjustice.

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A trip to Oregon and a love for The Shining brought me to the beautiful Works Progress Administration masterpiece, the Timberline Lodge. Tucked away in the basement I found a display cabinet housing a small collection of Native American accoutrements. Besides the buckskin and beading is a lovely print entitled “The Year In Moons;” a quirky and endearing flow chart that manages to synthesize folkloric moon cycle symbols with 1930s typography.

I decided to resurrect this wonder of anachronism and set to creating two typefaces based on the characters in the print. Many sheets of graph paper later, I’ve lovingly revived the chart in full so it can be enjoyed without the 11,000 foot ascent of Mt. Hood.

No one in the lodge could help me get to the bottom of the history of the chart, but after some good old-fashioned research involving libraries and speaking to actual people on the telephone, I tracked down the origin story. The beautiful moon symbols are actually inspired by the Camp Fire Girls, a Boyscout-for-girls type of organization founded in 1912 (of which my mother was a an official blue cap-wearing member).

Turns out the architect of the lodge did not consult native tribes for his local flavor but instead came across his daughter’s Camp Fire Girl handbook and was taken by a page describing moon phases. From here it is most likely that a WPA artisan assigned to the lodge was tasked to create a print inspired by the handbook renderings. Wohelo!*

*Work, health, and love, the Camp Fire Girls motto.